Reuniting with an Old Love While Apartment Hunting

My brother was coming home to Minnesota. He sold an idea to a company, and he made enough to retire early if he spent his money wisely. He worked across the country, but his heart was in Minnesota. He longed for the pronounced seasons and to be close to old friends and family. He was not what you call rich, he just had enough to meet his needs and not work anymore if he did not want too. He could not afford a mansion with a butler, so he was looking at apartments for Edina MN. He has always been frugal, and his goal was to retire very early and spend time doing a lot of fishing and just being outdoors.

I sent him a link to the Cedars of Edina Apartments to see if that was what he had in mind for a place to live. He was really pleased to see all the wonderful amenities, and he scheduled a tour of the place. He invited me to go along with him to see the apartment and the apartment complex. I brought along my best friend who just happened to be my brother’s high school sweetheart. She went off to college, and he just left. He did well for himself though over the years. Neither of them ever married, and she was excited and worried about seeing him after a dozen years.

My brother was looking at the quartz countertops in the kitchen of the Cedars apartment when we walked in. He did not know what to say when he saw her. I could tell that he was getting very emotional as a smile and tears were both brewing on his face. As usual, he composed his emotions and just said “Hi” and shook hands. However, he suddenly decided to give her a huge hug and tell her how much he missed her. Now I think this apartment hunting will actually soon be for the both of them.

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