My Hair Was Really Thin

I used to be really self conscious about my hair. I never had thick hair before, but at least I did not have thinning hair either. It was thin, but I had a whole head of hair, so I really had no complaints. That was at first. When I was in my late 20s, my hair started thinning out even more. I didn’t even think that was possible, and that is when I started to get even more self conscious about my hair. I decided to see if there was a female aesthetic doctor in Singapore who would be able to help me.

I know this probably sounds silly, but I figured a female doctor would understand my concerns more. Read more

Reuniting with an Old Love While Apartment Hunting

My brother was coming home to Minnesota. He sold an idea to a company, and he made enough to retire early if he spent his money wisely. He worked across the country, but his heart was in Minnesota. He longed for the pronounced seasons and to be close to old friends and family. He was not what you call rich, he just had enough to meet his needs and not work anymore if he did not want too. He could not afford a mansion with a butler, so he was looking at apartments for Edina MN. He has always been frugal, and his goal was to retire very early and spend time doing a lot of fishing and just being outdoors.

I sent him a link to the Cedars of Edina Apartments to see if that was what he had in mind for a place to live. He was really pleased to see all the wonderful amenities, and he scheduled a tour of the place. He invited me to go along with him to see the apartment and the apartment complex. Read more


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Acai and diabetes were virtually unrelated a handful of years ago. Since the Acai berry has gained fame as a super food that contributes to a healthy diet, Acai and diabetes are now commonly discussed. Though it is well known that Acai is a nutritious supplement for healthy diets in general, it may be helpful for diabetics to know how it can also assist with diabetes.

Acai Berries

Acai for Diabetes and Better Health

No formal studies have been conducted yet, to look into the relationship between Acai and diabetes. However, it does not mean that Acai does not benefit diabetics greatly. One way it can help is not just for diabetics alone. For anyone, Acai supplements a healthy diet. The recommended number of daily servings of fruit is around five. It can be hard to find ways to get five different servings of fruit into a daily diet. Acai supplements are perfect for helping to meet that requirement. For the average person, meeting it can mean a healthier diet and a more nutritious food intake. For people with diabetes, who need to eat especially healthy foods, Acai can be a great tool in meeting dietary needs.

Another reason that Acai and diabetes may work well together is due to the deteriorative nature of the disease. Diabetes can easily cause a lot of cellular deterioration. Tissue breakdown is never good, but it is especially bad if it manages to attack the heart muscle. A lot of nutrients are present in Acai supplements, and among them are Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. The nutrients can help contribute to a healthier heart and could help prevent some of the damage diabetes does to the organ.

Acai and Diabetes Common Sense

Although using Acai for diabetes can be very helpful, it is important to remember not to rely solely on it. Diabetics should continue to take any medications their doctor prescribes and eat a nutritious diet. When used to supplement healthy eating, taking Acai for diabetes can be a good step. If any questions remain about use of supplements or Acai in general, then try asking a licensed doctor how Acai and diabetes may affect each other.

General Health

Natural Therapies for General Health

General Health

With such a wide variety of Natural therapies available, it can be hard to work out which one will be right for you. Most people would benefit from incorporating some form of Natural therapies into their daily regime.

This could be by starting your day with a meditation for better focus & mental clarity, using aromatherapy oils in your home or office, having a massage to help with stress relief and muscular pain or using herbal medicine to help treat a cold or flu .

Natural therapies look at the underlying cause of a health problem, rather than just treating the symptom alone.  It’s important to remember that a symptom, such as pain, inflammation, skin problems and a lack of energy, can all be showing of something else happening in the body.  A symptom is the result of an underlying problem.

Our body is a sophisticated organism, with all body systems working synergistically together.  When one body system does not work optimally, other body systems take up the extra load.  It is the job of a Natural therapist to help identify this under lying problem and then treat this, so the symptoms can go away.

Daily therapies for good health

Many simple preventative measures can be adopted each day and they really can help to make a difference.  I believe that one of the most important things to do each day is to ensure you drink no less than 2 litres of water a day.  This should be sipped consistently throughout the day, rather than consuming large amounts all at once.  This helps to ensure you utilise the water to hydrate your cells, rather than it being too much for the body to handle all at once, so you just eliminate it.  Putting a squeeze of lemon in this can help even further, by supporting liver function.

Eating regularly throughout the day is vital for optimum energy and mental ability.  Too many people rely on stimulants such as from coffee and tea to give them a boost, where good nutritional food is what is required.  Think of your body as being a fire.  If you do not keep it stoked up all the time it fizzles out.  Food is the fuel to keep our metabolic rate up and our energy.  Make sure you do not leave the house without having breakfast and then try and eat each two and a half hours throughout the day .

Detox treatments

If you haven’t completed a liver cleanse or detox before, consider it today.  There are many different structured programs available, which can take between 7 to 21 days to complete.  The manufactures of these products realise that most people are busy & that the programs need to be as easy to follow as possible.  The main requirements while following these is to avoid junk food and alcohol and drink more water.  I always suggest starting more slowly than suggested on the supplements, so as to avoid initial detox symptoms .

Some herb teas have a cleansing effect in the body and can be drunk on a daily basis, for good health.  These include red clover, dandelion (both leaf and root) & St Johns wort (check if on other medication).  Roasted dandelion and chicory root make a delicious coffee like drink, which can be drunk with milk and sweetener.  Remember that you will benefit from ANY change, so work on one thing at a time and go from there.

For more detailed information on any health topic please contact Leanne James, medical herbalist and health coach at Ideal Health.

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